Custom glass shelves | Soil & Oak

Wall Mounted

General frame structure

This structure is mounted to the wall on the top and bottom.

The walls will carry the load, so it's important to ensure that the unit is reinforced / secured to studs or wood.

Wall mount installation guide | Soil & Oak

Identifying your parts

Use these reference photos with the install instructions to make install a breeze!

Installation close up | Soil & Oak


1. This process will require at least two people. Hold the longest shelf to the wall with the holes lined up with where the top rails will be mounted. Make sure the shelf is level and then trace the holes.

Pro Tip: If the glass is too heavy to hold against the ceiling, you can make a cardboard template of the glass. Just be sure it is extremely precise, as this will determine the placement for your ceiling mounts.

2. Secure the Top Wall Mounts to the wall centering the large hole of the flange with your traced circle. 

Close up of glass shelf installation | Soil & Oak

Next Steps

3. Work from the top down, adding each shelf and its attendant shelf support by twisting them on (see right). Work your way down, shelf by shelf, until you get to the bottom. 

4. Using a level, straighten the rails and mount the bottom flanges to the wall using one screw. Step back and assess the straightness. Then mount the unit with the remaining screws.