How This Works

Getting started is easier than you think. It starts with some basic information, and we'll walk you through the rest!
jay and Caroline preparing to set up a wall mounted shelves unit

Measure your space

The first step is figuring out how much space you need to fill. This includes height, width and depth.

close up photo of brass plated pipes with glass shelves

Select your style and finishes

Determine which frame is the best fit for your space, whether that means hanging from the ceiling or standing on the floor. Then, select the finishes that complete your vision, whether the classic french-inspired brass & glass, or a more architectural black steel and wood shelf.

founders jay and Caroline sitting in front of shelving materials

Place your order or get in touch

If you know what style and finish you like, submit an order with those specs and one of us (pictured to the left) will be in touch to confirm all of the final details. If you need help designing, get in touch using a custom listing or contact us and we can walk you through the design process.

close up photo of wall to ceiling mounted shelves with Irish gold pipes and marble shelves

Finalize your project

After placing your order, we will be in regular contact to finalize your project - from sending custom cut sheets for glass to detailed installation instructions. If you have any questions, you can always reach us by email.