General Frame Structure

This structure is only attached to the ceiling.

The ceiling will carry the load, so it’s important to ensure that the unit is reinforced / secured to studs or wood in the ceiling.


  • Lay out all the pipes to get a sense for how everything will be assembled. The flanges will be mounted to the ceiling and the rounded coupling will fit under the bottom shelf.
  • Hold a shelf to the ceiling where the unit will be installed. Trace the outline of the holes onto the ceiling.
  • Detach the Ceiling Mount from the rest of the unit and center the flange with the circle traced on the ceiling. Using the hardware included, secure each flange to the ceiling - into a joist or study blocking.

Next Steps

2. Locate the ceiling mounts (circular disks / flanges). Loosely secure each flange to the ceiling, centering the large hole of the flange with your traced circle. The flange should touch the ceiling, but the screws should not be fully tightened so there is a little bit of play available when mounting the bottom.

3. Work from the top down, adding each shelf and its attendant shelf support by twisting them on (see left). Work your way down, shelf by shelf, until you get to the bottom.

4. Using a level, straighten the rails and mount the bottom flanges to the wall using one screw. Step back and assess the straightness. Then add the remaining screws and tighten the screws in the ceiling flanges.