Counter to Wall

General frame structure

The unit stands on the counter (without being secured) and mounted to wall on the top and underneath the bottom shelf (not always applicable). 

Identifying your parts

Use these reference photos with the install instructions to make install a breeze! Note not all units contain every part labeled - refer to the card in your package for your full parts list.


1. Lay out all the pipes to get a sense for how they will be assembled. Identify the relevant glass pieces (if they are different). 

2. Connect the Footers and first layer of Support Arms (including a support arm with a wall mount, if applicable). Don’t over tighten the pipes – just find resistance. 

3. Add the first shelf, and then stand the unit on top of the bar. If the unit feels like it will not lean and stand on its own, use a screw to temporarily screw the first layer wall mount into the wall. 

Next Steps

4. Add on the next set of Support Arms and continue to build the unit up against the wall. 

5. Once you’ve placed the last shelf in place, twist on top mounts which connect to the wall. Stand the unit up in place at or near its final placement. Using a level, adjust the pipes as needed to ensure they’re straight and level. Pro tip: Trust your eyes too! If the level is showing a unit is straight but it looks off to you, try placing the level on the floor or wall - it may not be perfectly level, so you’ll want to find the happy medium between the tools and what “looks right” 

6. Once the shelf seems straight, secure each top bracket with ONE screw by holding the flange flush against the wall, and drilling a hole THROUGH the flanges holes with a 3/16” bit. You can directly insert the anchor through the flange into the ceiling.(You don’t need to mark the hole, drill, insert anchor, move it back, etc.) If it looks good after putting one screw in each rail, go ahead and do the rest of the anchoring. 

7. Starting at the top, straighten out all of the Support Arms. The best way to do this is hold the arm above as you straighten the one below. 

8. Secure the remaining wall mounts.