Glass bar shelf filled with liquor bottles | Soil & Oak

Ceiling Mounted

General frame structure

This structure is only attached to the ceiling.

The ceiling will carry the load, so it’s important to ensure that the unit is reinforced / secured to studs or wood in the ceiling.

Identifying your parts

Use this reference photo with the install instructions to make install a breeze!

Installation close up | Soil & Oak


1. Lay out all the pipes to get a sense for how everything will be assembled.

2. Hold a shelf to the ceiling where the unit will be installed. Trace the outline of the holes onto the ceiling.

3. Center the Ceiling Mount with the circle traced on the ceiling. Using your hardware of choice (screws / bolts), secure each flange to the ceiling.

Installing custom shelves | Soil & Oak

Next Steps

4. Working from the top down, add each Layer by threading the short pipe through the glass and securing a washer on the underside between the coupling and the glass. Work your way down, shelf by shelf, until you get to the bottom.

5. The bottom shelf will have a rounded cap on the underside instead of a coupling.