Counter to wall french bistro cantilever shelves | Soil & Oak

Wall & Counter Cantilever

General frame structure

Mounted to wall on the top and
under the bottom shelf and the
bottom feet rest on the counter.
Cantilevers face OUT and the glass
rests on top of them.

The walls will carry some of the load, so it’s important to ensure that the unit is reinforced / secured to studs or wood, or will be secured using toggle bolts.

Installing custom shelves | Soil & Oak

Identifying your parts

Use these reference photos with the install instructions to make install a breeze! Note not all units contain every part labeled - refer to the card in your package for your full parts list.

Installing shelves | Soil & Oak


1. Assemble the rails for your unit using your custom design.

2. Locate the first stud that will hold your unit.

3. This step is easiest with two people -- while one person holds the rail, carefully place the footer on the counter and ensure the wall mounts are lined up with the stud. It is easiest to orient the flange with the holes in the "four corners" position.

4. Use a level to ensure the rail is straight.

Installing custom shelves | Soil & Oak

Next Steps

5. If you are using anchors / toggles, mark the locations of the flange holes. Set the rail aside and drill through your premarked holes and then insert the anchors for your unit. 

6. If you’re mounting to studs or blocking, hold the rail in place and secure with screws.

7. Mount remaining rails, using a level to ensure shelves are lined up with your first rail.

8. Put shelves in place and decorate!